So Macho..

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We all have very different tastes in home decor, and that’s good thing.  Life would be pretty boring if we all had the same taste, however I have had to draw the line with my hubby.   I’ve learnt over the years that trying to accommodate him is always the best policy and that’s the reason that I have an unused spare bedroom.  This “his” room.

We argued over the contents of this room for years until I finally realised that this was a battle not worth winning.  So we agreed this could be his man cave, and in it he would keep all his bits that just didn’t suit the rest of the house.  

The room is now array with weight lifting apparatus, some so rusty that you’d need a tetanus just to touch it.  Weights of varying sizes, long iron bars, benches (x2), chest expander, core muscle utensils, basically everything a fanatic could imagine.

It only missing one thing, and that of course is the fanatic who wants to use it all.  From time to time I do make mention of it and I’m always told that it is getting used….by dust mites maybe!!  

And on the occasions that I have found him in this room and peaked in to catch a glimpse of his rippling muscles, what do I find, but him sprawled on the bed with earphones in listening to music. Out of the hour he’s in there at least 55 minutes is taken picking workout tracks…..apparently it’s vital to have the right music to keep you motivated…..Here’s hoping he finds it soon!!

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