….And Breathe

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So today was a busy one, up at 6 am to finish the last of the buns for my daughters bake sale.. thanks Betty Crocker for helping so nicely with that, then got the munchkin off to school dressed and fed with relative ease…before inhaling a coffee or two before work.

Once work was over I collected daughter, brought her home, decorated cakes, made her a snack and then said goodbye to hubby and just before we headed to drama class he shouts “what’s for dinner?”… mmmh… “darling, go to the kitchen just down the hall to the right, and whatever you see in there feel free to cook and eat we’re in a rush and no dinner will be made tonight…bye!”

Drama class was great fun (cause i got an hour to catch up with my friend and enjoy a coffee) then home we went. Half seven we walked in the door and I tell my angel to give daddy a kiss goodnight because it’s late and we have to get ready for bed.

When we go into the living room I did notice he was looking a little less of himself than prior in the evening and it became clear why….”hi” he says weakly “did you all have a good time?, I’m hungry are you hungry what shall we do for dinner?”

We were not hungry and I had made a rather good suggestion involving food in the kitchen if he wished to eat this evening… but as his slim fading figure started to disappear before my eyes i realised that he had sat in the same position thinking that I would either a) arrive home with some kind of delicious takeaway or b) run straight to the kitchen to make food for this poor starving man.

He looked so sad and literally was starting to vanish in front of my eyes… but i had no sympathy instead I listed all the things I’d already done that day, and proceeded to advise that I still had to put our child to bed, lunches to make, uniforms to wash, ironing to do and then I would finally get to sit down only to find it was bedtime and I had to get up and do it all over again, and on top of that he wanted me to make him a dinner!!!!!

He walked over to me with understanding in his eyes, yes finally the penny had dropped. He put his arms around me and with the tiny bit of strength he had left he hugged me and said “No no no, you don’t have to do all that by yourself, it’s OK… I’ll put her to bed !”…and breathe

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