Party Planning at Home

We are in the midst of preparing for a family party ( I use the term “we” but you know it’s really “I”) . Our daughter is making her First Holy Communion and she would like to have everyone and their cat, dog, sheep, gold fish and stuffed animals back to our house for a celebration.

In theory it’s a lovely idea, but then like a sack of shit reality hits. That means the whole day before I must clean every nook and cranny of the house, then shop for all the food, drinks and nibbles and that’s before I even start to think about cooking and serving it all aagghh!! Hubby was very supportive though and after we agreed on a budget he said “You are a great cook.. you love entertaining, it’s going to be fab don’t worry” Which translates to throwing me some cash and a big smile.

Now I know the party isn’t until the end of May but my “to do list” was getting way out of hand and stress levels already starting to sore… until my chum suggested what can only be describe as a master plan and life saving suggestion.

“Bring some one in to do it” she said “no stress for you” she said “you can just sit back relax and drink” she said…. and she need have said no more because she had me at “Bring”…

So that’s what I’ve done – All booked and ready to go. A chef and BBQ which comes with Gazebo, food, cutlery, plates, salads, breads, dips, napkins … why I don’t even need to be there as they are even supplying a Server – although I will be there – tasting the wine, and grinning with smugness.

So the stress of organising the day has all but gone, but for one thing. I haven’t quiet got around to mentioning this to hubby. I’m not sure how pleased he’ll be that a strange man is going to be in our garden BBQing, using sacred utensils saved for his “special cooking days”, poking at fire with a stick, standing gallantly and with pride over this most manly of manly BBQ’s….. It’s like I’ll have stabbed him in the heart, cruelty and dis-respectfulness towards him and his most valued of traditions.

“Me man me fire!”…. “me woman me like kicking back!”

having a party at home... the easy route

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