PMS laughing….

Why is that men assume once a woman starts expressing her “feelings” she is about to hit “that time of the month”? This may be the case of course, but mainly it’s just because they are acting like idiots and can’t see the nose at the end of their faces.

For example mine seems to believe that our dishwasher only works by fingerprint recognition. That fingerprint clearly belonging to me. This high tech notion also lends itself to our washing machine, tumble drier and hoover. When I explain in a somewhat forceful manner that both of us can use these appliances his face becomes awash with what can only be described as his Eureka moment… “must be due any day now!”… But as I point out that would mean a cycle a week, which isn’t how it works?

Likewise when he took our daughter out for the day and dressed her in a long t-shirt, tights and boots (he thought they were leggings “with feet” and a dress!!) and my reaction was WTF, he laughed as he said “D day is almost here”

Other times when I point of obvious flaws in his latest brain wave, like, oh say randomly opening a farm, he tells me that my hormones are making me give a “very negative perspective”… Nothing to do with us having zero experience of farming or animals.

It would be foolish not to play along at times, and place myself on the settee with a sad face just to hear him say “Ah, can i get you a cup of tea? Some chocolate perhaps?” But during tonight’s “family discussion” he actually said “hang in their sweetie, Easter’s nearly here”

It would be so refreshing if men just accepted that they are not always right, and more often that not, wrong. Wrong to the point that they should know by now that we are always right and never wrong, PMS time or not. But if it is PMS time then be afraid, be very afraid…


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A wife, mother and full time worker.....just wondering why my husband gets so many more passes in life than me....and learning how to best win the ongoing family battle of who does what and when

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