Summer Time Men

“Here’s to our Summer bodies men

After enjoying a few days of beautiful sunshine I think it’s fair to say we are all ready for summer. And it seems none are more ready than our darling husbands. Most of the year round they may be more like Olaf but once the sun’s out do they melt into something more fun and snazzie?

While chatting about the weather with some friends it soon turned into a very interesting conversation about how our men live their best lives during these months.

Mine likes to sport a tanned right arm. He drives for a living, so he takes every opportunity to get that window down and the arm out – downside – when he’s not working I have to do all the driving so he can try and get the left arm to match.

Thankfully he doesn’t have the same problem with he legs, they naturally reflect light and always stay a nice healthy bright glorious white. He does however like to carry the tale of the “war wound” which is proudly visible each year when he puts his shorts on – he only hit it off the lawnmower, but it’s still a very manly accessory for all shorts.

Then we have the friend who’s husband lives for summer. He starts his online shopping around March and has trainers to match every outfit, sports socks, summer jackets, summer jeans and the most essential of all – his summer bottled tan.

She told us she only applies her tan when she has a night out, whereas her husband has a healthy sun kissed look from April thru September.

Then there’s summer cool hubby who likes to spend all his time, no matter what the weather outside sporting long shorts and t-shirts, obviously funny cool t-shirts with witty slogans like “Summer Beer Time” or ” Suns out Beers out”,

Or the manly husband who wears jeans and shirts through even the most dangerous levels of heat and stands by the BBQ proudly. All summer long he will have a pair of tongs with him and a large fork so no matter what situation or surroundings he finds himself in he’s ready to get that fire started and cook.

In my minds eye I have the image of them back in the day looking a little something like this

But no matter what your man’s summer routine looks life, here’s “Hoffing” we have a good one and the weather we deserve… it’s never really summer until we have the Hoff!


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