Daddy and His Little Girl


There is no denying that the love between my little girl and her daddy.

She can wrap him round her finger in seconds, and 9 out of 10 times he doesn’t even see it coming. Listening to them play makes me smile, for a short time, just until i hear the bickering start, “no it’s my turn”, “give it back”, “I want a go”… . More often that not I have to jump in and resolve the issue and remind them both it’s “nice to share”

Then I secretly laugh as I hear him try and pull rank by telling her “he’s the daddy and he’s in charge”, which washes right over her head evident by her reply “no i’m the boss, it’s my room!”…. This can go on for hours, but inevitably they will make up and be BFF’s again, like all good children do!

Sadly for him his aspiration to buy PS4’s, Nintendo Switches and all kinds of cool kid stuff for them to use, is not looking likely no matter how hard he tries to sell the fun .. instead she’s happy playing dress up, putting on make up, and doing hair.

As a supportive mother I will actively encourage her to do whatever makes her happy, hence all the purchases I have personally made – sparkly eye shadows in many many wonderful shades, bold coloured lipsticks and glosses, funky nail polishes and cute ribbons clips and bows……but mostly it’s because he’s the person she wants to practice on and that’s guaranteed to give me the best laugh of the week……

Hit The Little Red Button


Sometimes, just sometimes there’s nothing more therapeutic than hitting the red disconnect button on your phone. Take for example when you get home from work, pick up the children, put on the dinner and then the hubby phones on his way home to ask “what’s for dinner”……… sometimes I answer, sometimes I curse but the best feeling of all is to just hit END………

It now transpires that as soon as I collect my little angel from day care the first thing she says to me is “oh mum, whats for dinner”.. and when i respond with what ever delights I am proposing to make it’s greeted with “i don’t want that”.
I’ve tried, like many millions of women to ask the family what they would like for dinner and of course am met with that age old reply “I don’t know, just whatever, I’m not fussy” yet once it appears in front of them it turns out they do care and they are fussy and they know exactly what they don’t want as it’s placed in front of them.

I know I’m no Nigella but i can throw a meal together which doesn’t taste vile and is guaranteed not to kill or poison, but yet it’s just never good enough.

Now my hubby has resorted to using FaceTime when he calls, as if we don’t see enough of each other, but I think it’s because he finds it easier to make facial expressions when he finds out what he’s coming home to eat rather than say the words….. so now I just love to smile sweetly as he asks the question and i gently slide my finger up and with a surge of adrenaline hit the red X… it’s like i am giving him a virtual punch in the face…I love dinner time