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Bobby on the Beat

Coming across a recent story on @belfastlive, i was impressed to see just how seriously we women take crime in Northern Ireland. Never seen so many comments under a PSNI news story! But it seems every word Detective Superintendent Bobby says has us women hang on his every word… Not sure how much actually sinks…

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Daddy and His Little Girl

There is no denying that the love between my little girl and her daddy. She can wrap him round her finger in seconds, and 9 out of 10 times he doesn’t even see it coming. Listening to them play makes me smile, for a short time, just until i hear the bickering start, “no it’s…

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Hit The Little Red Button

Sometimes, just sometimes there’s nothing more therapeutic than hitting the red disconnect button on your phone. Take for example when you get home from work, pick up the children, put on the dinner and then the hubby phones on his way home to ask “what’s for dinner”……… sometimes I answer, sometimes I curse but the…

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