A wife of the past

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Writing this blog got me thinking about wives of years gone by, which in turn got me Googling and reading ‘The Good Wife Guide’ published in a 1955 edition of ‘Housekeeping Monthly’, which then naturally made me curious to see how this wife would be perceived by my husband in this modern world…Experiment begins..

1955 – Have dinner ready when he gets home, plan ahead – even the night before – and have a delicious meal ready. This will show him that you are concerned with his needs and have been thinking about him. Try to cook his favourite meal as this gives him a warm welcome home.

2019 – log onto the Just East app, order him Chinese food and have it delivered before he arrives…boom!!

1955 – Clean away the clutter, make a trip through the main part of the house and gather up anything that is making the home look untidy.

2019 – Simples!! Grabbed everything messy and grubby and shoved in the cupboard under the stairs! Main part of the house perfect!

1955 – Your husband will have spent the day with weary people at work, put a ribbon in your hair, put on your make up so he has something pretty to look at when he arrives

2019 – Ribbon!! Really!! No ribbon in my house so quick thinking leads me to a Christmas wrapping bow which I stick on my head, tinsel would be too much….lippy on – tick

1955 – You may have dozens of important things to tell him, but the moment he arrives home isn’t the right time. Let him talk first, remember his topics of conversation are more important than yours.

2019 – Shit this is hard…. no interest in cars, sport, or holes in his socks!! Yawning a lot.. didn’t realise he could talk so much!!! Eyes closing…. must sleep……

1955 – Children are little treasures and he would like to see them playing the part. Comb child’s hair, change clothes if necessary and encourage them to be quite and tranquil on his arrival home

2019 – Ah crap – quick run to the cupboard under the stairs to grab child

1955 – Be happy to see him. Free him with a warm smile and show sincerity in your desire to see him content. His day will have been much harder than yours and a good wife will take time to understand his needs and ensure he is able to unwind and relax in his home.

2019 – Experiment ends……. just can’t bring myself to complete the last step.

Outcome of this experiment – I’d like to thank the Sun, Moon, Stars and Cadbury’s that I wan’t married in the 1950’s!!

Sign on the dotted line….

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I know there’s a standing joke about hubby’s never listening to what we say but honestly I can’t catch a break. If i give advance notice of intentions to go out or meet friends he tells me that its too far away to think about and let’s discuss closer to the time. When I mention it closer to the time he blames me on arranging his day, week or night .. what are we meant to do!!

On one occasion I told him I was going out weeks before the date he said “Ok” and then I mentioned it again the week before, again he replies “Ok”, then a couple of days before and and I’m still getting the “Ok” answer, but when the night arrives and i’m getting ready, its like his world has crashed in shock. This time he doesn’t say “Ok”, this time he says “You’re going out? Where are you going? Would have been nice to let me know, what if I’d made plans!” Aaaagh!!

But fear not I have come up with a clever solution. I now write it down and get him to SIGN the night out notification to confirm he knows all about it. I then store carefully and right as he’s about to launch into his “poor me” speech I present the signed document and watch as his face contorts…It’s actually my favourite part of a night out now!!!!

Always pays to be one step a head so I’ve my 2019 calendar all signed off!!